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I write this review to thank Mr. Edwin Tong for selling my property. Dedicated and thorough, he handled the task very well. Sold in 2 viewings, I was impressed with his work rate and commitment to the job. As a bonus, he is very familiar with the intricacies of selling a property in Singapore. He provides sound advice and is contactable and accessible. I highly recommend him if you need someone who can assist with your property needs!

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Selling an old property is a daunting task, as the cost can add up quite a bit just to make the house look presentable. 

Edwin did everything with little or no effort on our part. He managed the cost and sourced for lower-cost alternatives, which brought down the amount spent tremendously. 

Edwin's professionalism and creative marketing efforts made a significant impact on the sale of the property. Not only was the house transformed beyond our wildest imagination, but he also achieved the price we wanted, which was indeed remarkable! 

I would highly recommend his service if you are looking to sell your property.


Edwin’s work on our home using his UPSCALE FRAMEWORK made a significant difference to the house when it was put up on the market for sale. We were locked out in another country & needed someone we could trust. Edwin proposed ideas, discussed it with us and executed the actions, keeping us informed with each and every task that was undertaken. The final results of the house were amazing and indeed, mind-blowing, something way beyond our expectations. Edwin’s advice was spot on & secured the price we wanted. He found a buyer on the day it was listed for sale. Edwin’s dedication was very evident when he would go the extra mile to scout for alternatives every time a problem arose. His actions greatly erased all our worries and gave us a lot of confidence in him. I can certainly say that there is absolutely no hesitation in recommending Edwin to someone who wants to sell their house. Edwin is professional and can be trusted to do an outstanding job with integrity. It was a seamless experience 


PROPERTY TALKING has been assisting me in managing the tenancy of my condominium unit since mid-2009 until today with an impeccable level of service.

He has always been able to provide me with several options of tenants prior to the expiry of previous tenancies and is also able to assist in getting issues at my unit amicably resolved be it issues with tenants, repair and/or maintenance, issues with condo management, and various other issues.

I highly recommend PROPERTY TALKING to anybody who wants to rent their unit and I am very sure he will also be able to perform well for sale or purchase transactions.


My property agent, PROPERTY TALKING, has helped me in getting what I wanted as a landlord several times. Their patience, perseverance and acumen have once again impressed me without fail.

Through their vast network and experience, Property Talking has shown confidence and positive vibes to many that come in contact with them. Property Talking is well versed in their works, and though there were many issues to overcome, they did it with excellent results.

I highly recommend them to anyone who needs to buy/sell or rent any property.

PROPERTY TALKING will not fail you.